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My name is Sharyn Fitzpatrick and I am the Chief Marketing and Webinar Guru at Marcom Gurus but I also have another identity – “Webinar Chick”. After doing over 2,000 webinars, I create and deliver high-quality webinars that attendees love.

I love webinars and everything about them, even working with technology-challenged presenters who panic at the mere mention of doing their presentations online. I love webinars and updating old tired slides to ones that are crisp and memorable. But it is an art to create and deliver a successful webinar.

I define webinar success by a number of criteria:

  • The overall number of registrants
  • The % of registrants who become attendees
  • We experience no technical issues
  • The speaker shows up early and we can hear them
  • Very important: How interactive and engaging the webinar team is

How do you define it? Let me know.

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